Friday, May 16, 2008

I like the feel of your name on my lips*

Just when It comes to this seemingly simple moment of calling your name, it may not be a unique name, and surly you are not the only one in the whole world to have it, but for just being a something of yours , this makes it a something like no other for me .

With the first letter of your name, with my lips meeting each other with this very special feeling of intimacy and belonging, like two lovers who were apart and could not wait for a kiss, a hug or even a touch. A feeling that spreads from those trembling lips of mine overwhelming every small part in my whole body in such a mystic but sweet shiver ,making the second letter getting out of my lips carrying a sigh of each inch of me like a little girl dancing on the rhythm of my scared heart beating , a sigh of passion and affection that only in a short instance of time clarifying a small portion of how I am feeling ever since you have been in my life ,only stopped by the sudden sound of the third letter which is in fact helps me to catch my soul from leaving this body and following your soul to wherever it may want to go but before I knew it ,the last letter is here and I realized that no matter how I tried ,this soul is no longer mine , this heart is done beating for me & these helpless words are only foolish tools to give away if even one of the so many things I am feeling for you .But ,by this time that very last letter is escaping away leaving me alone ,longing for another special moment of calling out this very name of yours .

* From (I love the way you love me ) a song by the Irish band “BoyZone”