Friday, February 23, 2007

Back on Track

It has been quite a while since I have ever blogged ...well...there is no special reason for this long pause ...maybe coz I didnt really have anything to say ...may be coz all the variables on my life was going up and down madly.......I wish I could have write this post in arabic ..but it will take me so much to type on arabic well as i needed to write my thoughts directly without filteration..........

I dont know what has happened in egypt....suddenly kefaya is falling apart...Al-e7`wan is being hit one time after the other with no response at all .....not to mention the (already-dead) seems that every and each political power on the country is totally convinced that Gamal 7osny will be the next president they think that any kind of resistance will be in vain !!! I dont know !! but I m really dissappointed !!

& what about Hala Sarhan ?? She is just nobody !!! and what had happened to her should have had happened years ago ...but those who fight for the so-called freedom still defending her !!! some like "Wa2el Elebrashy" are just defending her coz it will be judged in front of the current system !!!!!! anyway...whatever they say ...everyone of us can really feel that the so-called Dr.hala does not gain any kind of sympathy through this whole crisis.....

I was in el gom3a prayer today ...still the imam wishing for the death of israel hell jews and americans...and praying for freeing el`s funny to notice that we have been cursing the jews for more than 50 years ..on the other hand look how far did we get and how far are they !!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you all guys !


ablelam said...

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Nouran said...

عودا حميد بعد غياب حمدلله ع السلامة يا هندزة

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!

wala tez3al nafsak

w yabqa el 7al 3ala ma howa 3alih!!

:) waiting for you new ba2a!!

sherehan84 said...

أهلا بيك مره تانيه في عالم التدوين

Anonymous said...

كل سنة و انت طيب يا باشمهندس

Anonymous said...

مبروك الجيميل يا هندزة

اوي يعون البلوجر مضايقك و لا حاجة بعد التعديل

ماهو كل حاجة اليومين دول بتتعدل
جت ع البلوجر



Anonymous said...

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